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By David Pulver

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Within the coming many years, applied sciences like genetic engineering, synthetic intelligence, and nanotechnology will rework humanity. an odd new global is unfolding - nightmarish to a couple, utopian to others. quickly we are going to have the ability to reshape our kid's genes, construct machines that imagine, and add our minds into desktops. And Earth now not confines us. house tourism, mining the Moon and asteroids, a payment on Mars: all are desires poised to take to the air. The universe of Transhuman house is a synthesis of those visions - an international within which ultra-technology and house commute fuse to forge a brand new future for mankind. Neither utopia nor dystopia, it's a position of hopes, fears, and new frontiers. Welcome to the longer term

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Written by means of Tim Akers, Judy Bauer, Jim Groves, Chris Lites, Dale C. McCoy, Jr. , and Cassidy Werner
Cover artwork through Kerem Beyit

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