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The teachers should Zewar, Hikayat-e-Sahaba, ( also be females who observe strict Shar’i Purdah. info THE RIGHTS OF HUSBAND In the Aalimah course, the girls should also be taught regarding the rights and respect of the husband. A boy who is an Aalim should be sought for marriage. If the boy is not an Aalim, then it is necessary that he should be pious and Deeni-concious, irrespective of whether he is a doctor or engineer. Throughout the entire girls Madrasa, the contact of females should only be with females.

The sons of your maternal uncles (Mamu), the sons of your paternal uncles (Chacha), the sons of your maternal aunts (Khala), the sons of your paternal aunts (Phoopi). However, in today’s time there is no concern for this in the homes of even those who are regarded as pious. e. (the daughters of both maternal and paternal aunts and uncles). If anyone becomes upset with you because of observing Purdah, then let them become upset. Make Allah Ta’ala happy. Sixteen years after coming to Pakistan, when I went to Ilahabad, then my mother’s sister’s daughters wanted to come in front of me.

How much burden will fall on this poor person? From where will he get so much money? If he does have so much money, and assuming that the husband is very wealthy, then too it will not be permissible. On the contrary, it is the demand of Shari’ah and the command of Rasulullah ( ) that you should not emerge from your homes beautified, in which the laws of Hijaab are openly violated, just as the women of Jahiliyyah (the period of ignorance) used to do. Allah Ta’ala mentions in the Qur’aan Shareef: You should not move around following the habits and practices of the people of ignorance, just as in the period of Jahiliyyah (ignorance), to strut around unveiled was the hall mark of the women of that time.

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