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By Aaron Clarey

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Society, through statistical necessity, must specialize in the bulk. It should be outfitted and designed for "the average." Society, via ethical necessity, should also concentrate on the deprived and disabled, supporting those that can't support themselves. yet whereas the vast majority of society's assets, realization, and infrastructure is devoted to normal or below-average clever humans, little-to-none of it's paid to the abnormally clever. And whereas having a excessive IQ is an total internet gain in lifestyles, being an statistical highbrow freak isn't really with no its drawbacks. Welcome to the "Curse of the excessive IQ." no matter if you go to sleep in the course of type, regularly ram heads together with your boss, cannot comprehend why humans watch the Oscars, are an alcoholic, or are accused of getting "ADD," having a excessive IQ could be a maddening event. What you spot because the seen resolution is what the "normies" will struggle opposed to teeth and nail. these D-'s you retain moving into English? Your enhanced brain being held hostage by way of the uninteresting and inferior brain of your instructor. And you want to begin a kinfolk? stable success discovering an intellectual-equal for a wife. And so whereas the realm obsesses with their very own difficulties or (rightly so) the issues of the deprived, not anyone is being attentive to the issues of the abnormally clever. besides the fact that, that every one alterations now with "Curse of the excessive IQ." "Curse of the excessive IQ" is the 1st publication particularly written for abnormally clever humans. It identifies and addresses a litany of difficulties clever humans face, in addition to analyzes them and gives strategies. yet extra importantly it goals to convey sanity to people who fight with irregular intelligence, specifically those who find themselves unaware they've got it. So in case you are regularly at odds with society, are struggling with melancholy or ennui, cannot locate any cause or organisation in lifestyles, or simply undeniable cannot locate any associates, ponder paying for "Curse of the excessive IQ." it really is bound to make your existence a bit more straightforward.

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Restaurants are closed at 3AM so you are relegated to unhealthy gas station food (if they’re open). Home Depot is also closed so if you’re working on your latest great invention and need a tool, too bad for you. But while these minor inconveniences may seem petty and not really problems, worse is the lack of human interaction. Nobody is up at 3AM and so you are by yourself, in the dark, and in the quiet. Over time this WILL lead to psychological troubles, all because your intelligence prevents you from holding a normal sleep schedule.

So tell me, what kind of system evokes such a visceral hatred and a desire to escape it? Be it your senior year or just the last day of school when you were chomping at the bit to get out for summer vacation, no child, and I mean NO child liked school. This was the odd insight I had because why wouldn’t you like school? Why did this 13 year experience HAVE TO BE so tortuous and painful? Why did it feel like we were in prison? Why couldn’t learning be fun? Why couldn’t you make school a place young children would WANT to go to and one they’d HATE to leave, perhaps crying when it was over instead of celebrating its end?

You can’t have the highway system designed for the minority of the population, you need it to serve the cities and dense population centers. You can’t have an electric grid that first serves North Dakotan backwaters and then New York City. And laws can’t be written with specific groups or minorities in mind, it must be written with the majority in mind. This doesn’t meant we don’t make accommodations for those who are disabled or different, but it is to point out that the social, political, economic, romantic, educational, commercial and psychological infrastructure of this society, its entire make up and composition on all levels, is built and designed for people with IQ’s of around 100.

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