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ISBN-13: 9780195042085

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The best-studied example of this mechanism comes from the invertebrate mollusc Aplysia (Kandel 1976; Kandel and Schwartz, 1982), and the same principle has been demonstrated in other invertebrates, such as the crayfish. The neuronal modification accompanying behavioral habituation or sensitization includes presynaptic changes in the ability of sensory neurons to release transmitter. The key result of 17 MEMORY AND BRAIN these studies is the recognition that neurons themselves are plastic elements.

5 second) produced LTP of the Schaffer collateral-CA1 system in rat. In the CA1 zone, LTP increased the number of shaft synapses (synapses onto dendritic shafts) and also the number of sessile spine synapses (synapses onto stubby, headless spines). Density of the much more common spine synapse was not affected. ) 21 MEMORY AND BRAIN Baudry, 1984). It has been suggested that calcium concentrations increase in dendritic spines following intense synaptic activity, thereby activating a membrane-associated proteinase, calpain.

The nature of forgetting is in part a biological problem, and to settle the question of forgetting will require additional biological facts. One wants to know whether the particular synaptic changes that initially represent information do or do not disappear with time. Whereas direct evidence on this question is not yet available, a good deal is known about how deprivation and experience affect the neural organization of sensory systems. This work makes the idea of literal or biologic forgetting a reasonable possibility.

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