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By Serge Lang (auth.)

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Diophantine difficulties symbolize the various most powerful aesthetic points of interest to algebraic geometry. They consist in giving standards for the lifestyles of suggestions of algebraic equations in earrings and fields, and at last for the variety of such strategies. the basic ring of curiosity is the hoop of normal integers Z, and the basic box of curiosity is the sector Q of rational numbers. One discovers quickly that to have all of the technical freedom wanted in dealing with normal difficulties, one needs to think about earrings and fields of finite sort over the integers and rationals. additionally, one is ended in reflect on additionally finite fields, p-adic fields (including the genuine and complicated numbers) as representing a localization of the issues into consideration. we will care for worldwide difficulties, all of that allows you to be of a qualitative nature. at the one hand we've got curves outlined over say the rational numbers. Ifthe curve is affine one may well ask for its issues in Z, and due to Siegel, you possibly can classify all curves that have infinitely many imperative issues. This challenge is taken care of in bankruptcy VII. One could ask additionally for these that have infinitely many rational issues, and for this, there's simply Mordell's conjecture that if the genus is :;;; 2, then there's just a finite variety of rational points.

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B the product b~ b of the principal M K-divisor rx. x, XE L(b). 36 2. Proper Sets of Absolute Values. Divisors and Units We denote the number of elements of L(b) by A(b). Then A(cxb) = A(b). If we think of b as prescribing the sides of a box, all but a finite number of which are 1, then A(b) may be interpreted as the number of field elements in the box. We define Ibl v = b(v), and when we have multiplicities N v , We define the K-size, or size of b to be Ilbil K = n Ilbll v• veMK If M K satisfies the product formula with multiplicities N v' then the size ofb is the same as that of cxb.

Then A(b) = yKijbli K +O(llblll- l /N ) Jor Ilbil K --+ 00. For proofs of both versions, see [L 5], Chapter V, §2. This asymptotic theorem corresponds to the Riemann part of the Riemann-Roch theorem for function fields in one variable. It can also be refined to give an exact formula. Indeed, K can be viewed as a lattice in the adele ring. If fis the characteristic function of a parallelotope, then one can apply to J the Poisson 37 §6. Ideal C1asses and Units in Number Fields summation formula for the adeles modulo this lattice to get the RiemannRoch theorem in number fields.

Proof. The kerne! of the log mapping consists of all those elements of K which have absolute value 1 at all v E M K • It is therefore a group, and is contained in the units of 0K' The elementary symmetrie functions of the conjugates of any such element lie in Z and have bounded absolute value. Hence such elements satisfy only a finite number of equations with coefficients in Z, so they form a finite group, namely the group of roots of unity in K. Let L be the image of K s under the log mapping.

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