Cormyr (Forgotten Realms: The Cormyr Saga, Book 1) - download pdf or read online

By Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb

The Epic old Saga of the main robust kingdom within the Realms

Cormyr has been governed by means of the Obarskyr relatives seeing that its inception one and a part millennia in the past. Now its king, Azoun IV, lies on his deathbed, and the vultures are circling, hoping to usurp the throne for his or her personal. by contrast situation of nation, the heritage of the wooded area state unfolds, touching on the formerly untold tale of a state, its rulers, and its wizards.

Cormyr: a singular is the epic historic saga of the main strong kingdom within the Forgotten Realms fable global, as advised by way of the world's co-creators.

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He was the only survivor. The priests of Morad in took in Grond, and he dis­ played an immediate aptitude for the priesthood. Grond had the potential to become a powerful force for good, had he not been targeted by the succubus Pythrana. Rather than physically seduce Grond, Pythrana lured him into a far deadlier downfall. She appeared to him in the guise of Berronar Truesilver, an exarch of Morad in. She told Grond that Moradin saw the pact that created Hammerfast as a temporary mea­ sure, one that would give the dwarves time to rebuild their strength while luring Gruumsh's followers into a deadly trap.

The adventurers must find him and put a stop to his work. • The adventurers are asked to investigate the disap­ pearance of an artist. When they search her home, they find hundreds of paintings and portraits hung upon the walls. They have the strange sense that each of the portraits is watching them. One of the portraits is a trap that caught the artist. If the adven­ turers study that painting, they notice the artist's tiny figure painted in the picture's corner. A powerful art collector sent a magically trapped portrait to the artist in order to capture her soul.

They are noncombatant traders , workers, and crafters. Although they pose no direct threat to adventurers, they are ubiquitous in Hammerfast and act as a spy network for Grond in every ward in town. The initiates know to report any strange activity or suspicious folk, particularly nondwarves, to their superiors. None of the initiates knows of the Circle's true aims. HAMMERS The hammers are the Circle's muscle, whose zeal and physical strength make them useful for more forceful activities. The hammers harass businesses and other folk that Grond targets for destruction.

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