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By Steven E. Schend

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A view of the wooded area empire in its heyday.

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Minor tree dwellings are lesser buildings used as single-family abodes, minor storehouses or weapons caches, or cleverly concealed guard stations for a small contingent of defenders. They rarely consist of more than three rooms, though the minor classification merely suggests the overall size of a place, rather than its importance or its opulence. • Tree Dwelling—Major: bike above, these buildings are either among the branches and based on platforms and slings attached to a tree or they are living parts and hollows within and around a tree.

Start of the Fifth Age of Calimshan. c - 1 0 0 Fall of Delzoun to encroaching phaerimm and other dangers; surface Citadels survive. - 8 7 Year of Dashed Dreams Tarkhadale, an early northern Dale allied with Asram and Hlondath, falls to an orc horde. -75 Year of Leather Shields Teshar is founded in the cleared lands between Rystall Wood and Cormanthor. -64 Year of Gleaming Frost Rystall Wood falls in its 12th Rysar to giants and orcs. The survivors either remain in Yrlaancel or migrate to Cormanthyr.

The Coronal is crowned and the First Rysar starts. Founding of Siluvanede in the northwestern reaches of the High Forest. -8200 Founding of Uvaeren and its First Rysar begins with the crowning of its first Coronal. -8130 Yrlaancel, the city of peace, is built within Rystall Wood. -8100 Deep Shanatar at its greatest expanse beneath southwestern Faerûn (Modern: Amn, Tethyr, Erlkazar; Calimshan, Almraiven Peninsula). -8000 Founding of Semberholme. -7950 Full trade exists between the dwarves of Deep Shanatar and the elves of Darthiir, Tethir, and the dwindling remnants of Shantel Othreier.

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