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The papers during this quantity offer a contrastive software of building Grammar. via referencing a well-described constructional phenomenon in English, each one paper presents an outstanding starting place for describing and interpreting its constructional counterpart in one other language. This process indicates that the semantic description (including discourse-pragmatic and practical components) of an English development might be considered as a primary step in the direction of a "tertium comparationis" that may be hired for evaluating and contrasting the formal homes of constructional opposite numbers in different languages. hence, the which means pole of buildings can be considered as the first foundation for comparisons of buildings throughout languages – the shape pole is simply secondary. This quantity exhibits that structures are doable descriptive and analytical instruments for cross-linguistic comparisons that give the opportunity to seize either language-specific (idiosyncratic) houses in addition to cross-linguistic generalizations

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As in English, it is possible to use either nominative or accusative case in examples such as (6). (6) a. Bob is taller than I/me. b. Bob är längre än jag / mig. ’ What then is the cross-linguistic difference here? Inspection of corpus data reveals that the two languages display inverse preferences for the choices that are shown in Example (6) – Swedish shows a tendency towards pronouns in the nominative case, whereas English prefers the objective case. In order to determine the relative frequencies of each variant, both the BNC and the PAROLE corpus were searched for sequences of than (or än, respectively), a following pronoun, and a punctuation marker.

Basically, Figure 1 visualizes that the English morphological comparative is a form-meaning pair. The upper box lists some of its formal properties; the lower box contains what speakers know about its meaning. A symbolic link between form and meaning unifies the two into a compound unit, a construction. Each characteristic that is listed in Figure 1 reveals something about the construction that could not be Syntax syntactic category: optional complement: (soft) constraints: ADJ a following phrase with than Bias against to-infinitive complement clauses Bias against predicative uses Bias against pre-modification Morphology morphological form: ADJ plus inflectional suffix -er Phonology (soft) constraints: Preference for monosyllabic adjectives Bias against adjectives ending in /li/, /l/, /r/, clusters Bias against adjectives with final stress Semantics semantic frame: frame elements: (soft) constraints Comparison compared entity (1), standard of comparison (2) Preference for highly gradable adjectives Bias against abstract/metaphorical uses Figure 1.

He found that chair uncomfortable. b. ” Before going into an overview of this construction, it should be made clear that the term “semantico-pragmatic” is meant throughout this chapter to refer to a wide range  Francisco Gonzálvez-García Sem. R: instance PERSONAL, < Conceptualizer DIRECT, CATEGORICAL INVOLVEMENT R PRED Information-Structure Syn. V Theme < Attribute > > TOPIC TOPIC/ FOCUS FOCUS SUBJECT NP1 OBJECT NP2 XPCOMP AP NP Figure 1. e.

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