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Now we are investigating this fact that where there is psychological time there is a movement from "what is" to what should be, which involves conflict, and where there is conflict, the mind must be distorted, and a mind that is distorted can never find what is true. That is a simple fact. If I want to see very clearly, I must have an eyesight that is clear, unclouded without any distortion; and there is distortion when there is effort, and effort means time. This is not logic, it may sound logical, reasonable, healthy, sane, but it is not logic; it is direct perception of what is false, because after all the function of the brain is to perceive clearly, to see what is false, and when you see this whole traditional approach of gradual becoming as a process, when you see that it is totally false, then your mind has clarity.

And what then is change, is psychological change? We are not talking about the biological evolution. As we pointed out earlier, from the bullock cart to the jet plane there is a tremendous evolutionary process, a vast accumulated knowledge, and to accumulate knowledge involves time. Apart from that, is there a process, a gradualness, a continuity of change or is there a psychological revolution in which time does not exist at all? The moment you admit process, gradualness, you will have to have time, as on that all our traditions are based - the practice, the method, the becoming and not becoming.

So the past is going to seek something in the future, and the past is going to dictate what it will find in the future. Therefore, it will not be truth at all. It will be something according to the past, which is knowledge, experience and memory. So a mind that would perceive what truth is must be free of the past, of its conditioning. That is, if you are a Hindu you must be totally free from all conceptual conditioning or from all your tradition. Otherwise you are going to find what your tradition has dictated, what your tradition has told you to find.

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