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By Bernard D'espagnat

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This e-book presents a close view of the conceptual foundations of quantum physics and a transparent and complete account of the basic actual implications of the quantum formalism. It offers with nonseparability, hidden variable theories, size theories, and a number of other similar difficulties. Mathematical arguments are offered with an emphasis on basic yet consultant instances. the realization contains a description of a suite of relationships and ideas that can compose a sound view of the area.

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We must check the Weyl invariance by explicit calculation. This is one virtue of the Polyakov action—any possible anomaly appears in the Weyl symmetry, which is somewhat easier to work with than an anomaly in the diff invariance. Let us expand around the flat metric in the plane, gab (σ) = δab + hab (σ). The variation of the action with respect to the metric is the energy-momentum tensor, so to second order in hz¯z¯ the path integral is O(h2 ) <1> = 1 8π 2 d2 z d2 z hz¯z¯(z, z¯)hz¯z¯(z , z¯ ) < Tzz (z)Tzz (z ) > + local.

1),9 provided that we choose units such that α , which has units of length-squared, is equal to 2. It is not an accident that the gauge-fixed action is conformally invariant. Fixing the flat metric does not fully determine the local coordinate system. 7) for analytic f , the metric changes only by a position-dependent rescaling, so that a Weyl transformation restores it to its original form. 10 So the two-dimensional spacetime of the previous section is now the string world-sheet, while spacetime is the field space where the X µ live, the target space of the map X µ : world-sheet → spacetime.

There is one more condition that must be imposed on the states, namely b0|ψ = 0.

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