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It is therefore the set of solutions of a system of polynomial equations. Let us note that it is also the set of common zeros of the polynomials belonging to the ideal generated by the Pj (T ). 1. Spectrum of a ring 31 For example, if p is a positive integer, the set of (a, b) ∈ k 2 such that ap + bp = 1 is an algebraic set. 15. Let k be an algebraically closed field. Let A = k[T1 , . . , Tn ]/I be a finitely generated algebra over k. Then there is a bijection between the closed points of Spec A and the algebraic set Z(I) := {(α1 , .

8. Let us consider a more sophisticated example than previously. Let A1Z := Spec Z[T ]. Let f : A1Z → Spec Z denote the continuous map induced by the canonical homomorphism Z → Z[T ]. Then we have a partition A1Z = f −1 ({0}) ∪ ∪p prime f −1 (pZ) . Let us now study the parts of this partition. Let S be the multiplicative part Z \ {0} of Z[T ]. Then a prime ideal p ∈ A1Z is contained in f −1 ({0}) if and only if p ∩ Z = 0, which is equivalent to p ∩ S = ∅. 7(c). Let p be a prime number; then p ∈ f −1 (pZ) if and only if p ∈ p.

Then we can find a covering of U by open sets Ui and sections si ∈ F(Ui ) such that α(Ui )(si ) = t|Ui . As we have just seen that α is injective, si and sj coincide on Ui ∩ Uj . , s|Ui = si ). By construction, α(U )(s) and t coincide on every Ui , and are therefore equal. This proves that α(U ) is surjective. A similar proof shows that F → G is injective if and only if Fx → Gx is injective for every x ∈ X. 13. Let α : F → G be a morphism of sheaves. Then it is an isomorphism if and only if it is injective and surjective.

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