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Note the similarity to the faint-laser double Mach-Zehnder implementation depicted in Fig. 16. 2001). It was the first experiment in which an asymmetric setup optimized for QC was used instead of a system designed for tests of Bell’s inequality, with a source located midway between Alice and Bob (see Fig. 25). The two-photon source (a KNbO3 crystal pumped by a doubled Nd-YAG laser) provided energy-timeentangled photons at nondegenerate wavelengths—one at around 810 nm, the other centered at 1550 nm.

The emission time of the photon pair is therefore given by a superposition of only two discrete terms, instead of by a wide and continuous range bounded only by the long coherence length of the pump laser (see Sec. 1). Consider Fig. 26. If Alice registers the arrival times of the photons with respect to the emission time of the pump pulse t 0 , she finds the photons in one of three time slots (note that she has two detectors to take into account). For instance, detection of a photon in the first slot corresponds to the pump photon’s having traveled via the short arm and the downconverted photon’s having traveled via the short arm.

A two-photon source emits pairs of entangled photons flying back to back towards Alice and Bob. Each photon is analyzed with a polarizing beamsplitter whose orientation with respect to a common reference system can be changed rapidly. , 2000). Both used photon pairs at a wavelength of 700 nm, which were detected with commercial single-photon detectors based on silicon APD’s. : Quantum cryptography FIG. 22. Principle of phasecoding quantum cryptography using energy-time-entangled photon pairs. pumped by an argon-ion laser.

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Classical and quantum mechanics of the damped harmonic oscillator by Dekker H.

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