New PDF release: Cityscape (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying

By Ari Marmell

ISBN-10: 0786939397

ISBN-13: 9780786939398

Cityscape gains city-building ideas, new ideas for city-based characters, city-based encounters, and ideas for city terrain. the sport fabric is totally suitable with the D&D middle rulebooks and comprises timesaving instruments and information for any city crusade. the cloth during this complement is suitable for either D&D avid gamers and Dungeon Masters and comprises content material that appeals to either

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The walls are riddled with hundreds of holes. This is the sleeping area for the crypt’s bugbears. Trap: As with area 10, this room once spewed poison gas from the holes in the walls, but the supply of gas was exhausted centuries ago. 47 13. Fishing Bugbear (EL 2) A lone bugbear stares intently at the water in this room, its eyes tracking the small disturbances in its surface caused by something swimming about in it. This room once held a pack of ghouls, and the dirt on the floor of this chamber is easily stirred into mud by violent activity (digging, running, or combat).

Trap: The glowing sun-symbol acts as a symbol of fear to any evil creature that views it. It remains in place for 160 minutes before fading. The rune can be touched or walked through by nonevil beings with ease. The symbol should deter pursuit by the Cultists while it remains, giving the heroes time to search the crypt for the rune of the sun. aSymbol: CR 8; 60-ft. radius, 160 minutes duration, only affects evil creatures, Will save negates (DC 22); Search (DC 33); Disable Device (DC 33). If the crypt was opened by Nevessam, the symbol causes his escort to run away (it is impossible for them to make the Will save), and he probably will be affected as well, dropping his scroll as he does so.

Although most the tomes have long turn to dust or become overgrown with mold, a few appear to have weathered the ages better and can perhaps be salvaged. The books are all written in Common or Elven. Most are treatises on the arts of war, tales of battles and the people who fought them, or personal journals of the crypt’s soldiers. Treasure: There are seven books that might be of interest to historians (describing battles and tactics used in the defense of the city), each worth 500 gp to the proper buyer (or 100 gp each to the idly curious).

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