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By Irwin J. Goldstein (Eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9780841206007

content material: stories at the interplay of lectins with saccharides on lymphocyte telephone surfaces / Nathan Sharon, Yair Reisner, Amiram Ravid, and Aya Prujansky --
The carbohydrate binding website of concanavalin A / Karl D. Hardman --
Binding of mono- and oligosaccharides to concanavalin A as studied via solvent proton magnetic leisure dispersion / C. Fred Brewer and Rodney D. Brown, III --
Binding of p-nitrophenyl 2-O-[alpha]-D-mannopyranosyl-[alpha]-D-mannopyranoside to concanavalin A / Taffy Williams, Jules Shafer, and Irwin Goldstein --
using lectins to review telephone floor glycoconjugates / R.D. Poretz --
round dichroism and saccharide-induced conformational transitions of soybean agglutinin / Michael W. Thomas, Jeanne E. Rudzki, Earl F. Walborg, Jr., and Bruno Jirgensons --
Dependence of agglutination on concanavalin A molecular transition / D.W. Evans and P.Y. Wang --
Antibodies opposed to oligosaccharides / David A. Zopf, Chao-Ming Tsai, and Victor Ginsburg --
interplay of glycosyl immunogens with immunocyte receptor websites within the synthesis of anti-glycosyl isoantibodies / John H. Pazur, Kevin L. Dreher, and David R. package deal --
The specificity of sugar flavor responses within the gerbil / William Jakinovich, Jr. --
The coordinated motion of the 2 glycogen debranching enzyme actions on phosphorylase restrict dextrin / T.E. Nelson, R.C. White, and B.K. Gillard --
The position of glycosidically-bound mannose within the mobile assimilation of [beta]-D-galactosidase / Jack Distler, Virginia Hieber, Roy Schmickel, and George W. Jourdian --
The absence of carbohydrate particular hepatic receptors for serum glycoproteins in fish / Gilbert Ashwell and Raymond P. Morgan, II --
Carbohydrate-protein interactions in proteoglycans / L. Rosenberg, H. Choi, S. friend, and L. Tang.

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3. BREWER AND Binding of Mono- and Oligosaccharides BROWN JO MAGNETIC FIELD (Oersteds) 100 IK 29 OK FREQUENCY (MHz) Figure 1. 83 mM. Thefieldindependent rate for pure water is indicated by W. 0 in KCl. The solid curves are theoreticalfitsto data. 2 2+ 2 2 2 2 Figure 2. 1 M) a-MDG. The solid lines are theoretical fits to the data. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1979. 2 2 CARBOHYDRATE-PROTEIN 30 INTERACTION ( F i g . 2, lower curve). The l i n e s a r e from f i t s t o NMRD theory ( 6 ) .

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