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By Nalo Hopkinson

ISBN-10: 0759520445

ISBN-13: 9780759520448

The wealthy and privileged have fled the town, barricaded it in the back of roadblocks, and left it to collapse. the internal urban has needed to rediscover previous ways-farming, barter, herb lore. yet now the monied desire a harvest of our bodies, they usually prey upon the helpless of the streets. With nowhere to show, a tender girl needs to open herself to old truths, everlasting powers, and the tragic secret surrounding her mom and grandmother.

She needs to discount with gods, and provides delivery to new legends.

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Some of these were surface creatures, dogs, birds or monkeys. Others petted pale reptilian things from the sewers and tunnels. He had even witnessed two boohooms making love, a spectacle that caused him to quicken his pace, even though Ucko seemed inclined to linger and watch. Once in Ucko's nest, Phaid had managed only the smallest amount of shallow, disturbed sleep. Things constantly scurried and rustled. Somewhere nearby water dripped with a nerve-racking monotony. Ucko snored loudly and even the dog whimpered as it dreamt.

He would have fallen backwards if a rough hand hadn't grabbed his arm. For a second or more he was completely overtaken by confusion and panic. He was being pulled inside a dark building, a voice grunted at him and he found himself staring into the hairy face of a boohoom. The face smiled. 'Come. ' Phaid gave up. The door was swiftly shut behind him. Totally bemused, he let himself be led into the darkness. 5 a jangled, joyless night in the lair of the boohooms', Phaid couldn't help but be awed be the sheer size of the land crawler.

Sure. Take care of yourself, R'Ayla. ' 'Okay. ' He jumped across the small space between the boat and the pier. Straightening up, he took a deep breath. If he could possibly avoid it, he'd never come anywhere near Freeport again. He was on his way back to the bright lights and the big money. Once he got there, he'd make damn sure that he was never forced away again. Phaid shouldered his way through the milling crowds on the waterfront. Once he looked back at R'Ayla. She was busy arguing with an android harbour inspector.

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