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Whilst society crumbles, can younger love continue to exist? while the younger are disadvantaged in their shiny destiny and left to outlive daily, what bonds stay among participants? Can younger love continue to exist a dystopian nightmare? This intriguing selection of tales explores the struggles, either emotional and actual, of kids attempting to live on as society falls aside or as they assist construct a brand new international. Compelling, emotionally charged tales of younger lives lived in determined conditions through: John Shirley, Elizabeth endure, Kiera Cass, Nisi scarf, Maria V. Snyder, Carrie Vaughn, Steve Berman, Amanda Downum, Diana Peterfreund, Jeanne DuPrau, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jesse Karp, William Sleator, Carrie Ryan and Seth Cadin.

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Let me know if you need . ” He smiles at me and gets up. “You’re okay here, right? I told my mom I’d visit tonight, so I have to go soon. ” I pull up straighter. “Really? When? ” “A little after ten, at Millennium Park. ” He smirks. ” CHAPTER FOUR TOBIAS MY MOTHER ALWAYS sits on the edges of things—chairs, ledges, tables—as if she suspects she will have to flee in an instant. This time it’s Jeanine’s old desk in Erudite headquarters that she sits on the edge of, her toes balanced on the floor and the cloudy light of the city glowing behind her.

I stand, though I’m weak and dizzy from the serum. The room is packed with people, shoulder to shoulder, and I can’t find the exit for a few long seconds, until someone takes my arm, a boy with warm brown skin and a wide smile —Uriah. He guides me to the door. Everyone starts talking. Uriah leads me down the hallway to the elevator bank. The elevator doors spring open when he touches the button, and I follow him in, still not steady on my feet. ” “No. She expects you to be hotheaded. ” I feel like everything inside me is vibrating with energy, in anticipation of what is to come.

I thought I would leave that to you,” I say. ” I know as I’m saying the words that they hit a sore spot in both of us. She lied to me so many times. She promised me she wouldn’t go to her death in the Erudite compound when Jeanine demanded the sacrifice of a Divergent, and then she did it anyway. She told me she would stay home during the Erudite attack, and then I found her in Erudite headquarters, working with my father. I understand why she did all those things, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still broken.

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