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By Cullen Bunn

"I’ve obtained a narrative to tell—a tale approximately how me and 2 poker neighbors squared off opposed to the very legions of Hell … and perhaps even kept the world.

"Like all solid yarns, this one has its proportion of motion, event, secret, and romance. As for a way it ends, notwithstanding, you’ll need to pass judgement on for your self. Me, I’ve continuously been keen on satisfied endings—the making a song cowboy using off into the sunset—but I reckon that simply ain’t the best way of the world.

"This story’s obtained vampires, too, a great deal of them, yet now not within the beginning.

"It started, for us a minimum of, with spiders."

Imagine the mythical feud among the Hatfields and McCoys ... if the McCoys have been a extended family of demon-summoning sorcerers who stopped at not anything to smash their rivals.

The Stubbs and Whatleys were at each one other’s throats for so long as an individual within the city of Spider Creek, Missouri, can have in mind. A Stubbs child pops out of his mama hating the Whatleys, and the Whatleys train their brood from a tender age how you can fling rocks with merciless accuracy in case a Stubbs wanders too just about their land. The Stubbs are a rowdy, difficulty making bunch, however the Whatleys—

Folks communicate of the Whatleys in hushed whispers.

According to neighborhood legend, the Whatleys run bare within the woods, beating out unusual tunes on deerskin drums, making animal sacrifices underneath the outdated Gallows Tree on Summit Ridge, and assembly with the satan himself on pitch black nights.

Sometimes, legends are true.

When the Whatleys make a discount with darkish forces to rid them of the meddlesome Stubbs extended family, 4 not likely heroes shape the single defensive line among a starving legion of ghoulish, vampiric creatures and the unsuspecting global past the bounds of the sleepy Ozarks community.

BLOOD FEUD is a novella (22,000 phrases) of horror, humor, and motion set within the backwoods of the Missouri Ozarks

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He’d tried it once or twice with her. Damn near worked. Good-looking vamp. Weren’t they all? She went back to examining the bodies. She decided Korzha must have fed on at least one of the dead guys, and that was why he wasn’t twitchy. “Lucky accident? ” she asked, still crouched beside the bodies. D. uniforms, dark blue and body-hugging, tended to fit poorly in the crotch. She had long legs, and her uniform pants kept riding up. “Well,” the vamp said in his smooth voice. ” Yeah right. If it weren’t for bad luck… “Vamps don’t have bad luck,” she retorted.

Eventually, though, she noticed the rest of her body: aching, throbbing—not in a good way at all—but definitely there. She didn’t dare move her arm for fear the pain would take off the top of her head, but she did shift her legs. Movement was good. Agonizing, but good. She lay on a hard and unforgivingly icy surface. But for her shoulder, which felt on fire, she was cold. She groaned. She could make noise—another bodily function retained. Movement and vocalization? Good. Jeez, her head hurt. Check that.

She prayed her assumptions then would be correct. That was what she was using to control the bot. With her back flat against the bathroom wall, she watched her spy’s data stream across her field of vision. According to the bot, it was in another room about four hundred feet square. There were no fluctuations in air pressure or temperature. Since only a fool relied on technology alone, Claudia tried to slip into what she liked to call her hyper-concentration mode, but the fuzz in her brain interfered.

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