Download e-book for iPad: Bio-Tech (GURPS, 4th Edition) by David Morgan-Mar, David Pulver, Abrar Ajmal

By David Morgan-Mar, David Pulver, Abrar Ajmal

ISBN-10: 1556347529

ISBN-13: 9781556347528

The long run is Alive "Who wishes chrome, buddy? Meat is the place it really is at now. mom Nature regularly did it most sensible - she simply wanted a bit support. Get all the way down to the black medical institution, old-timer, and you'll be 15 back. that's, if you happen to nonetheless are looking to be human at all." it is the expertise of the posthuman age: biotech! improve your outdated physique with steroids and clever medicinal drugs, transplants, and viral nano . . . or simply get a brand new one. possibly you do not imagine being human is so nice? Then increase on nature with eugenics and gene-fixing. or simply pass parahuman: in the event you love cats, develop into one! The technology's altering quickly, yet you will have plenty of time to get used to it - loss of life is a brief inconvenience with cryonics and immortality medications. And who wishes silicon and metal? Vatbrain biocomputers are the place it is fairly at! yet it is not as regards to the longer term. GURPS Bio-Tech incorporates a complete diversity of nineteenth, twentieth, and 21st-century scientific gear, from early vaccines to surgical robots, besides online game stats for the world's most threatening illnesses. GURPS Bio-Tech additionally encompasses a entire set of personality templates for biotech professions, ideas for biotech magic, and unique crusade settings: an alternative Earth governed via a identical to Alexander the good, and a a residing starship on its technique to colonize an alien global! Say see you later for your outdated physique. have you ever upgraded your genetics this 12 months? this is often the second one variation of GURPS Bio-Tech. it's been revised to the GURPS Fourth variation principles and multiplied to hide drugs, medicinal drugs, magic, and new applied sciences. a few entries have been brought in GURPS house, GURPS Robots, and the Transhuman house sequence.

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Written by way of Tim Akers, Judy Bauer, Jim Groves, Chris Lites, Dale C. McCoy, Jr. , and Cassidy Werner
Cover artwork by way of Kerem Beyit

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The goal is often to make animals more human-like, giving them upright postures, the ability to speak, and so on. It can also be used to make chimeras (p. 38), assembling monsters out of the parts of various animals. This is useful when you don’t have the patience to breed for desired traits (most mad scientists don’t). For an extra tinge of horror, the operations can be carried out without anesthetic. On the positive side, it could be the steampunk version of biomodification, allowing many of the enhancements listed under Biomods (Chapter 7), with similar times and costs.

Vatbrains might also permit special capabilities, such as computer systems that can develop psi powers. A vatbrain biocomputer has twice the usual weight, cost, and power requirement of a normal computer, due to the extra requirements of its life support system. LC3. Gestalt Brain Matrix (TL9^) Once it is possible to form neural connections between human brains, someone will consider wiring lots of them together to form a computer. Realistically, this will be slow and unwieldy, easily outperformed by conventional computing technologies.

The army may soon be fielding soldiers whose limbs still operate when severed, or the horror may begin stalking the halls of power . . Technological Horror Technological horror is more subtle, and can be created by extrapolating the instinctive reactions of many people to the possibilities of today’s real biotech. The threats of targeted genetic viruses, creeping nanotech with the ability to change morphology or psychology, the spread of engineered diseases, and weird transgenic things in our food are among the items of biotech that can be used to generate feelings of paranoia.

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