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When such souls embrace they may believe they are cleaving to beauty or power itself. And alongside of this second possibility grows a third, still more radically free form: the person can serve as a vehicle for signs. This is the door through which Goffman passed. Beyond it, the person no longer retains the small patrimony of ontological status derived from being an ideological product, now one is a messenger, a carrier. The person is transformed The descent of the ego 35 from ideological product to ideological instrument, possessing nothing but the capability of moving minds.

Profession, situated notably at Harvard, Columbia and Chicago, supported only the 'hard' (quantitative) tendencies. One theme of Goffman's paper on the interaction order was precisely to congratulate himself (satyrically) on finding himself at last really at the center of the discipline, at least for the duration of his presidential address (1983:1-2). The question of Goffman's relation to the 'mainstream' was even raised in various ways in connection with the Mysore conference: contributors were asked in preparatory circulars to refer to it in their papers, and MacCannell's paper actually raised the question whether Goffman might be marginal in sociology but central in semiotics.

D. dissertation on communication conduct in the Shetland Isles. The book proffers a perspective for dealing with social life that occurs in modern institutional and domestic settings. Methodologically, it does not much depart from the Chicago school of sociological ethnography, excepting perhaps the quality of the work. 9 Conceptually, however, Goffman's explicit combination of dramatism and Durkheimian sociology represents a move that is still unassimilated in Anglo-American sociology. He claims to put the dramaturgical before the sociological (although he will later claim to dismantle the stage apparatus, leaving only the sociological): The specific content of any activity presented by the individual participant, or the role it plays in the interdependent activities of an on-going social system, will not be at issue; I shall be concerned only with the participant's dramaturgical problems of presenting the problems before others.

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