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By Ashtekar, Lewandowski.

The target of this overview is to offer an advent to loop quantum gravity-a background-independent, non-perturbative method of the matter of unification of common relativity and quantum physics, according to a quantum conception of geometry. Our presentation is pedagogical. hence, as well as delivering a bird's eye view of the current prestige of the topic, the assessment must also function a car to go into the sector and discover it intimately. to assist non-experts, little or no is believed past components of common relativity, gauge theories and quantum box idea. whereas the evaluate is basically selfcontained, the emphasis is on speaking the underlying rules and the importance of effects instead of on providing systematic derivations and unique proofs. (These are available within the indexed references.) the topic might be approached in numerous methods. we've got selected one that is deeply rooted in well-established physics and likewise has adequate mathematical precision to make sure that there are not any hidden infinities. with a view to maintain the evaluation to an inexpensive dimension, and to prevent overwhelming non-experts, we've got needed to omit numerous attention-grabbing subject matters, effects and viewpoints; this is often intended to be an advent to the topic instead of an exhaustive assessment of it.

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V is a vertex of a graph γ . For simplicity, one dimension has been dropped. quantum operator corresponding to this phase space function and analyse its properties. (For further details, see [70, 71, 73, 78]). 1. Regularization. As in the case of the area operator, we will first recast the classical expression of VR in terms of the ‘elementary’ observables P (S, f ), and then replace each P (S, f ) by its unambiguous quantum analogue. This will provide the regularized volume operator. 1 and will require an additional construction.

Furthermore, at gauge invariant 4-valent vertices, qˆ v,α agrees with qˆ v,α , modulo a multiplicative factor which depends on the diffeomorphism class of the tangent vectors at v. 26). 1 know about the differential structure at vertices of graphs. 26) is ‘topological’. 1 are used more often. 21). The same is true of the volume operators used by Thiemann and others in the discussion of the Hamiltonian constraint. 6. Quantum dynamics The quantum geometry framework provides the appropriate arena for a precise formulation of quantum Einstein equations.

Ij k ηabc P i (S a )P j (S b )P k (S c ). 19) It is easy to verify that lim VRP = VR , →0 the dependence on the coordinate system and the partition disappears in the limit. To pass to the quantum theory, we need to define a consistent family of volume operators Vˆ R,α , one for each graph α. Let us then fix a graph α and consider a partition P such that each vertex v of α is the intersection point of the triplet of 2-surfaces S 1 , S 2 , S 2 in some cell CV . Then, we can easily promote the approximate volume function VRP to a quantum operator P Vˆ R,α : P Vˆ R,α = |qˆ s,C |, C⊂R where qˆ s = (8π Gγ )3 3!

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