New PDF release: Asterix Bd.17: Die Trabantenstadt GERMAN

By Rene Goscinny

ISBN-10: 3770400178

ISBN-13: 9783770400171

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I frowned. " I looked away. I felt his eyes on me for a moment longer, and then he handed me the lamp and began walking. I followed him, inexplicably afraid of losing them both in the dark. We climbed the stairs in silence, and then walked through the halls, the click of my heels on the stone floors echoing unnervingly. In the entrance hall, I picked up my bicycle and adjusted my bag. Amir paused by the door; I waited. " he asked, not facing me. The boy's red hair stuck out in all directions, stiff with grime.

She paused here, as though she expected me to beg for the recipe. Internally, I shuddered, but made the appropriate noises of appreciation. My solitary experience with a professional liquor (scotch, and possibly the foulest potion I've had the displeasure of drinking) made me more than wary of bathtub gin, let alone potato vodka. " I said quickly. " She pursed her lips, but seemed happy enough to nod. "Gifts, maybe. " I smiled slightly. "It's not illegal to drink alcohol, Sarra. " A curious loophole that provided the semilegal rationale behind a hundred gin joints.

I managed to say, into Amir's closed and expectant silence. " He shifted slightly and the light from the lamp settled in a more reassuring pattern on his face: wide, generous lips, prominent cheekbones and almond eyes that made him look striking. "But has anyone ever seen him? " For a moment, I could have sworn that his dark eyes glowed like coals. " Before I could check if it was just the reflection from the lamp, he turned away and unlatched the door. The room beyond was dark, but I could just make out the boy lying on the rough brick floor.

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