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By R. A. Salvatore

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Years have handed because the nice miracle atop Mount Aida--a miracle often called the Covenant of Avelyn. Corona is a unique position. Avelyn is ready to be increased to sainthood by means of the very church that when proclaimed him a heretic. And King Danube has requested Jilseponie Wyndon--the outlaw hero of the Demon War--to develop into his queen.

Jilseponie is torn. she will by no means love any guy as thoroughly as she did the Ranger Elbryan, the daddy of the kid she misplaced. yet she can't deny that she has emotions for the clever and kindly king. and she or he may achieve this a lot solid at his aspect . . .

Yet possibility looms, one Jilseponie may by no means have expected. For the kid that she misplaced by no means died--as she believes--but used to be stolen away by way of the queen of the elves. Raised in mystery by means of the queen, he has grown to be a headstrong boy who indicates each promise of being as expert within the arts of wrestle as his father sooner than him, and as robust with the gemstone magic as his mother.

They known as him Aydrian.

Aydrian: a boy raised to be a weapon. A boy who hasn't ever recognized the affection of a human mom. A boy so hungry for repute and the sound of his identify on human tongues that he'll pay any fee for an opportunity to wrest immortality from an uncaring world.

Aydrian: a boy on a collision direction with future!

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A sword dancer can benefit greatly from the Improved Trip feat while wielding a whip and, unlike regular bards, he can choose Greater Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialisation (if he favours fighter levels over bard’s) and Greater Weapon Specialisation for it.  The bard can cast cat’s grace on himself and benefit from the Weapon Finesse feat, not to mention the increases to initiative, Armour Class and Reflex saves.  With an above-average Charisma and access to the Bluff skill, the sword dancer should think about getting the Improved Feint feat.

The Legendary Bard 49 Quintessential Bard II: Advanced Tactics The Legendary Bard B ards are crafters of legends, singing the stories of great heroes performing their great deeds, but many times it is the bards themselves who become legend, going on impossible journeys to unknown places and returning to sing about what they have seen. A bard can reach such heights of talent and skill in his chosen art that his performance bring tears to the eyes of gods and wake souls from the lands of the dead.

Call of the Wild: Upon gaining 6th character level, the whisperer can select Call of the Wild instead of the bard’s inspire competence ability. The character spends one use of bardic music in order to attract a swarm of animals as the summon swarm spell as if cast by a druid of his full character level. The duration is replaced by the amount of time the whisperer sings the call plus five rounds, replacing the spell’s normal duration. Sword Dancer (Bard/Fighter) There is a special brand of warrior that considers his martial prowess an art, not merely a skill.

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