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Many very important features of mathematical physics are outlined as integrals reckoning on parameters. The Picard-Lefschetz thought stories how analytic and qualitative houses of such integrals (regularity, algebraicity, ramification, singular issues, etc.) depend upon the monodromy of corresponding integration cycles. during this publication, V. A. Vassiliev provides a number of models of the Picard-Lefschetz conception, together with the classical neighborhood monodromy concept of singularities and whole intersections, Pham's generalized Picard-Lefschetz formulation, stratified Picard-Lefschetz conception, and likewise twisted types of these types of theories with purposes to integrals of multivalued types. the writer additionally indicates how those models of the Picard-Lefschetz idea are utilized in learning quite a few difficulties bobbing up in lots of components of arithmetic and mathematical physics. particularly, he discusses the next periods of capabilities: quantity features bobbing up within the Archimedes-Newton challenge of integrable our bodies; Newton-Coulomb potentials; basic strategies of hyperbolic partial differential equations; multidimensional hypergeometric services generalizing the classical Gauss hypergeometric critical. The e-book is aimed toward a large viewers of graduate scholars, examine mathematicians and mathematical physicists drawn to algebraic geometry, advanced research, singularity idea, asymptotic tools, capability concept, and hyperbolic operators.

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Many vital features of mathematical physics are outlined as integrals looking on parameters. The Picard-Lefschetz thought reviews how analytic and qualitative homes of such integrals (regularity, algebraicity, ramification, singular issues, and so on. ) rely on the monodromy of corresponding integration cycles.

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The latter refers to a point of the surface and shall denote the quotient obtained when the integral curvature of the surface element about a point is divided by the area of the element itself; and hence it denotes the ratio of the infinitely small areas which correspond to one another on the curved surface and on the sphere. Or using modern mathematical notation: K= |Nu × Nv | ∈ S2 := Z ∈ R3 : |Z| = 1 ⊂ R3 |Xu × Xv | with the unit normal vector N ⊂ R3 of the immersion X : B → R3 which maps into the sphere S2 ⊂ R3 .

Isenberg, H. Karcher, M. Kilian, K. Kenmotsu, N. Kapouleas, R. Lopez, R. Kusner, F. H. Meeks, F. Pedit, K. Polthier, N. Schmidt, J. Sullivan, M. Weber, H. Wente etc. In 1972, David Hoffman in [92] considered the embedding problem for compact surfaces with parallel mean curvature vector in four-dimensional Euclidean space. 8. 1. Let M ⊂ R4 be given, and suppose that its mean curvature vector H ∈ R4 is parallel in the normal bundle. Then the surface is a round sphere of 1 . radius |H| 2. Let M ⊂ R4 be given, and suppose that its Gaussian curvature K does not change sign, and that its mean curvature vector H ∈ R4 is parallel in the normal bundle.

5. 15) for σ , ϑ = 1, . . , n. Proof. 6. Using conformal parameters we calculate Hσ ϑ = = 1 (Lσ ϑ ,11 + Lσ ϑ ,22) W2 2 ϑ 2 (Lσ ,11 Lϑ ,12 − Lσ ,12Lϑ ,11 + Lσ ,12 Lϑ ,22 − Lσ ,22Lϑ ,12 ) = S 2 W W σ ,12 proving the identity. 8 The curvature of the normal bundle Let ui = ui (vα ) ∈ P. 1 yields Sσϑ ,12 (u1 , u2 ) = Sσϑ ,12 (v1 , v2 )(Λ11 Λ22 − Λ12Λ21 ). 1 we conclude that the quantities 1 Sϑ (u1 , u2 ) W (u1 , u2 ) σ ,12 are independent of the chosen parametrization. 4. Let the immersion X : B → R4 be given.

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