Ferenc Kárteszi (Eds.)'s Appendix: The Theory of Space PDF

By Ferenc Kárteszi (Eds.)

ISBN-10: 0080872492

ISBN-13: 9780080872490

ISBN-10: 0444865284

ISBN-13: 9780444865281

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One should agree with Bolyai who has written the following: “In my opinion and, I firmly believe, in any impartial opinion all of the reasons GAUSS has put forward in order to explain why he did not want to publish anything 3. 35 of his papers on the subject throughout his life are ineffective and void; really, in science just as in everyday life the question always is to clarify the necessary and useful but still obscure things adequately and to arouse, duly train and promote the turn, missing or dormant, for what is true and correct.

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