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By Steven J. Zaloga

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Anti-tank helicopters. forefront forty four КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор:Steven J.Zaloga,Geordge J.BalinНазвание: Anti-tank helicopters Издательство: Osprey Publishing На англ яз. forefront 44Год: 1986 г.Формат: PDF Размер: 19,8 Мб История вертолетов, предназначенных для борьбы с бронетехникой. Модели, участие в боевых действиях. Фото,цв.рисунки. eighty five 1 2 three four five

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By the end of the first phase of the Schlieffen Plan, the consensus was that the pre-war fort designs had performed poorly when pitted against the German onslaught. There is no doubt that the Belgian forts were outdated; designed to withstand shellfire from black-powder artillery, they were helpless against the more modern and powerful shells. Obsolete weapons are often of little use, and obsolete forts proved more of a hazard to the defender because they were obvious targets and their outdated guns lacked the firepower to keep any attacker out of range.

25 Henri Philippe Pétain was one of the officers convinced that the offensive à l’outrance was doomed by improvements in firepower and he gained a number of enemies when he expounded on his heretical ideas at the École de Guerre between 1901 and 1911. ’ Pétain’s sarcastic certainty won him few friends and did little to advance the cause of innovation in artillery tactics. His truism, le feu tue (fire kills), should have served as a counterpoint to the ideas of Grandmaison but instead identified him as an officer with few prospects.

28 The mortars were even more primitive, with some of the designs dating back to the 1870s. In the first battles of 1914 the 75 caused devastation when it was properly employed, but the French soon discovered the effectiveness of German counter-battery fire. 30 Shellfire inflicted far higher casualties than had been predicted before the war and while the French saw hostile infantry as a primary target and recognised (before both their allies and their opponents) that local commanders needed to control key reserves, they neglected to realise the impact of German counter-battery fire, inflicted by heavy batteries directed by the officer responsible for the sector, on their own artillery.

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