Animal Models for Neurodegenerative Disease - download pdf or read online

By Jesús Avila

ISBN-10: 1849731845

ISBN-13: 9781849731843

ISBN-10: 1849732752

ISBN-13: 9781849732758

Content material: Preface; Animal versions on Alzheimer disorder; Animal versions for Amyloid/PS-1 Pathology; Transgenic mice overexpressing GSK-3beta as animal types of Alzheimer sickness; Reelin and Alzheimer ailment; Tauopathy types; Animal types for Parkinson sickness I; Animal types for Parkinson affliction II; Neuroprotection in Parkinson disorder; Animal versions for ALS; Mouse types of Huntington's ailment; Recesive Ataxias; Mouse versions in PrP-related ailments; Mouse versions of ischemia

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