New PDF release: Alligator Metabolism Studies on Chemical Reactions in Vivo

By Roland A. Coulson, Thomas Hernandez

ISBN-10: 0080297765

ISBN-13: 9780080297767

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From the statements made by those studying enzyme kinetics, one might conclude that the value for the rate constant expresses the physical relationship among enzyme, substrate and product, and that this value is fixed in vitro and in vivo. 693//c is applied to a living animal, it will be observed that k is as variable as metabolic rate since metabolic rate (blood flow) determines the half-life, which in turn deter­ mines the value of k. 0 hr if the dog is at rest. 063 (with time in hr). 63 in the same units.

The theory that gradually evolved was as follows: each species is provided with a similar heart, lung and circulatory system to enable the cell to receive 0 2 and substrates, but at rates differing in direct proportion to the different rates at which the blood circulates. Once the 0 2 and substrates reach the cell, reactions proceed along the same paths in all. As each animal has about the same amount of enzymes inside the cell, they are present in an excess inversely proportional to the rate of oxidative metabolism.

5. A proposed model for reversible reactions in a uni-directional flow system. Black squares indicate identical enzyme molecules fixed to some solid structure inside the cell. Fluid containing some "product" along with substrate is forced from the plasma in the proximal capillary passing over the enzyme molecules to re-enter the distal capillary. The constants (K) for the forward the reverse reactions determine the final ratio of product to substrate (see text). ) Alligator metabolism faster the flow the shorter the f^, and the faster the reaction rate, without any apparent upper limit in a vertebrate.

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