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By Poulomi Mukherjee

ISBN-10: 9380741138

ISBN-13: 9789380741130

A contemporary retelling of the story that has been advised to generations for lots of centuries now.

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Now call them all and tell them to take their places. Take your positions! 45 Vladimir‘s plan was nefarious. He arranged for the thirty-nine men to hide in the barrels. The remaining barrel he filled with salt, in case someone inspected the container. Using this modern-day Trojan horse, his men would infiltrate and destroy Ali Baba’s entire household. All the best, boys. Finally, the truck reached its destination. Hello, Vijay. Just leave the container at the back of the house. Your salt will be safe there.

Where’s this truck going? What should I do with them? I can’t afford to take risks. I have to act... and act fast. Boss always has a plan B. This must be it. Anyway, we shouldn’t talk until he gives the order! Marjeena drove the truck full of gang members to where they belonged... Once inside, Marjeena hurriedly explained the situation. The truck has stopped. I wonder where we are? You need to help me right away. the police station. 48 I have a truck full of armed men in barrels parked outside!

And Marjeena is such a good cook. She will make a good wife for Omar. 58 Ladies and gentlemen, as a birthday gift to Omar, I will perform a special dance today! I’ll see you all on the lawn outside in twenty minutes. Marjeena had become quite a famous dancer by then, and this was a rare treat for all of those present. Fortunately for her, a platform had been arranged where a band was due to play later, and she took full advantage of it. The stage was well and truly set. A private performance! From the famed Marjeena of A Thousand Knives !

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