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I n the case of Polygordius he has seen this in the account which has been given of its a n a t o m y . Then t h e visitor would go to the various machine shops and see how the parts were built u p . This corresponds to t h e developmental history, which has been given. Now I wish to take him to t h e drawing office t o see t h e designs by which these various operations are guided. These designs, be it remembered, are abstract things—-not concrete—but t h e y govern t h e other phenomena. On the other hand, the animal is a very concrete thing as far as the material composing it is concerned, so t h a t the living animal m a y be looked upon as a compromise between the characters of t h e theoretical design and of the substances in which t h e design is carried out.

In the intestine there has been a great multiplication of the lining cells, certain special cells being detailed off for this purpose. In the North Sea species, the body of the worm, instead of protruding as it grows, is held puckered u p within an ' a m n i o t i c ' cavity, and while t h u s kept in confinement, the multiplying cells of the intestine are very closely packed and lie obliquely on one another. When a t the metamorphosis the body of t h e worm is extended, then these cells accommodate themselves to cover a larger area.

38 THE FORMATION OF ANIMALS There is nothing in the drawing office t o show why this peculiar method of going t o work should have been adopted. I t might a t first be thought t h a t the principle being followed was t h a t each plane of fission should be a t right angles t o the one preceding it, b u t when we find t h a t the fourth cleavage is not only in the same plane as the third one, b u t like it is also unequal, this idea becomes untenable. The explanation is given when the development of some other animals is observed, or rather, when their life cycle is traced.

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