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By Bruce R. Cordell

ISBN-10: 0786912057

ISBN-13: 9780786912056

In the airy airplane, demiplane islands and creatures either strange and hazardous waft in an unending box of danger. Canny parents understand that the airy additionally leads the right way to the interior Planes, limitless arenas of elemental fury. See, it really is greater than only a backdrop to different adventures - the airplane itself bargains ask yourself and chance for people with braveness adequate to discover its unlimited expanse.

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A crude bridge crosses to a central island of floor with other sections on either side. The cult leader, a snaketongue celebrant, resides here with his minions and an enormous crocodile worshiped as an embodiment of their god. The feymire crocodile does not appear on the map because it begins the encounter beneath the surface of the water. When the PCs open the door, read: The chamber looks like a swamp with walls and a ceiling. A crude plank bridge crosses a moat of murky water to a muddy stone island in the center of the room.

At that point, the initiates on the perimeter of this chamber attempt to move to the island as quickly as possible. Any initiate that fails its Athletics check to jump across the water falls in, then waits until his next turn to pull himself up onto the island (Athletics DC 12) and attack. The snaketongue celebrant remains on the platform as long as he can. He first uses serpent’s lash against an enemy on the bridge or the island, then uses coils of despair against enemies up to 10 squares away.

If so, the attacker deals extra damage from pack attack (1d6 if a hyena; 5 if a gnoll). The huntmaster gains this bonus even on ranged attacks. Also, keep track of which combatants are bloodied. The gnolls deal extra damage when they’re bloodied, and the marauders can use quick bite as a free action when they hit a bloodied PC with a melee attack. indd 33 E N CO U N T E R 4 – 2 : T H R O N E C H A M B E R Tactics 33 12/2/08 9:24:07 AM ENCOUNTER 4–3: WELL OF THE HUNGRY ONE Encounter Level 7 (1,550 XP) 1 gnoll demonic scourge (D) 3 gnoll huntmasters (G) 1 grell Setup In the final room of this delve, the PCs face the toughest members of the gnoll band—and a creature far more horrifying.

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