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By John Charvet

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This publication is ready the grounds of moral existence, or the character and foundation of our moral duties. It includes an unique account of those grounds and exhibits how this figuring out calls for particular varieties of social and political lifestyles. Charvet considers the tips of the liberty and equality of guys within the many types they've got taken and indicates that there's a radical incoherence underlying them which is composed within the failure to combine in a coherent means the actual and the ethical or communal dimensions of person existence. those dimensions are separated and against one another. within the ultimate element of the publication Charvet develops an unique account of the grounds of moral existence which satisfactorily integrates those specific and communal components of individuality. it truly is designed to teach how the ethical claims of people are grounded of their linked wills in a neighborhood and but how any such notion preserves the separate individuality of the community's individuals.

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Consider the three-fold distinction above in terms of the making and keeping of a promise. We may suppose that the promisor initially conceives of making the promise in self-interested terms: he hopes to gain something from the promise. But having made the promise, he incurs an obligation to keep the promise. The nature of the obligation, or in other words how we are to interpret the fact of the promisor's obligation, is not immediately clear, but that there is an obligation is not in dispute. At least, Hobbesian egoism as an account of how morality is possible does not question the existence of obligations.

37 Parti THE MOTIVATIONAL STRUCTURE OF MORALITY In his book The Possibility of Altruism*2 Nagel seeks an explanation of the basic principles of ethics which will account for the motivational force of ethics. These basic principles he calls altruism, used in the sense Williams gives it in his article. Nagel insists that what is required is an explanation and not a justification for the basic principles. His reason is that the demand for a justification suggests that one must provide an account of why the moral principles should be obligatory on individuals, and this involves the absurd requirement of finding a moral justification for morality.

This is obviously not a case of simple or crude egoism, but is rather a sophisticated egoism on a much grander scale. In this sense individualist ethical theory requires egoism or the pursuit of private interest at the particular level. T H E P R I N C I P L E OF E Q U A L VALUE IN SOME C O N T E M P O R A R Y L I T E R A T U R E The above account gives the main features of the form that the modern ethical idea takes in so far as it is expressed in individualist terms through the notions of freedom and equality.

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