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By Ben Dupre

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50 sizeable principles you really want to grasp is a concise, obtainable and well known consultant to the imperative tenets of Western proposal. each vital precept of philosophy, faith, politics, economics, the humanities and the sciences is profiled in a chain of brief illustrated essays, complemented via an informative array of timelines and field positive aspects.
Platonism, The Soul, Communism, Aristotelianism, religion, Fascism, The Golden rule, Atheism, Racism, Altruism, Secularism, Feminism, Pluralism, Fundamentalism, Islamism, Liberty, Creationism, Capitalism, Toleration, battle, Globalization, Scepticism, responsibility, Classicism, cause, Utopia, Romanticism, Punishment, Liberalism, Modernism, Materialism, Democracy, Surrealism, Relativism, Conservatism, Censorship, Utilitarianism, Imperialism, vast Bang, Existentialism, Nationalism, Chaos, Evil, Social agreement, Evolution, destiny, Republicanism, Relativity, Quantum mechanics, Gaia.

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Faith, soul and other central ideas of religion are fundamental in understanding how people judge the value and meaning of life. At the same time, positions taken in opposition to religion, such as atheism and secularism, have forged new and distinctive perspectives on the world. The American humorist Will Rogers’s joke about communism being like prohibition – ‘it’s a good idea but it won’t work’ – is at least half wrong on both counts: for better or for worse, communism is probably the most successful political ideology ever to be planned on paper and realized in fact.

Cowed by morality’s weapons of guilt and blame, the best and noblest of humanity unwittingly connive in their own oppression and enslavement, blinded to their true and natural goal – the will to power. ‘Nature’s stern discipline enjoins mutual help at least as often as warfare. ’ Friedrich Nietzsche, 1888 Looking after one’s own An explanation of this puzzle begins to emerge when we recognize that it does not necessarily have to be the ‘offspring of the benevolent parents’ that carry altruistic tendencies into the next generation: it may be sufficient for cousins and other relatives to do so.

AD30 Rather than seeing the golden rule as some kind of moral panacea, it is more fruitful to regard it as an essential ingredient, a necessary part of the foundations of our ethical thinking: a demand not only for consistency, but for fairness; the requirement that you seek imaginatively to put yourself in some else’s position, that you show to others the kind of respect and understanding that you would hope to receive yourself. As such, the golden rule is a useful antidote to the kind of moral myopia that often afflicts people when their own close interests are at stake.

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